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The 20c Value Of 1900

On the 29th of December, 1900, a 20c value was added to the numeral series, its advent being quite unannounced. The large 20c stamps of 1893 had been finally used up and the new label not only conformed to the others of the series in design but also took on a new color—olive-green in place of scarlet.

It was printed from the usual style of line-engraved plate with the usual sheet arrangement of 100 stamps arranged in ten horizontal rows of ten each, with t

e imprint and plate number in the centre of the top margin. Only one plate—numbered “1”—seems to have been used and Mr. Howes tells us that “an examination of the stamp accounts during its term of life make it appear probable that approximately 500,000 were issued.”

Reference List.

Dec. 29th, 1900. Engraved and printed by the American Bank Note Co., Ottawa. No Wmk. Perf. 12.

  • 76.  20c  olive-green, Scott's No. 87.